Sophos Firewall

Sophos firewalls have gained rewards for important independent testers in the past few years and fall into the top of the world.
Nowadays, the company’s resources are being protected as well as its business data of extreme importance and there are numerous cases of punctual protection and temporary termination of the company’s operations due to hacker attacks. This is even happening to large and world-renowned companies that employ the top IT service, but also in small Croatian companies. Nobody is sure of the attack. Sophos creates firewalls of various specifications and each company can find a solution that is appropriate to its size and needs.

It is important to note that Sophos firewalls are working best in combination with Sophos antivirus programs because they combine to provide multiple protection levels because firewalls can control workstations within the company in the event of an attack on one of them and even isolate it from the rest of the computer online.

This firewall and antivirus program integration has no competition and is unique in the world.

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