Black Magic Design

Black Magic Design is a world-renowned leader since 2002, producing video production equipment like SDI adapters, converters, video switches, image correction, video editing software and many other products.
In 2012, they also started to produce film cameras for Canon EF (compatible with Carl Zeiss ZE), Micro Four Thirds and Arri PL lens systems and thus triggered a great deal of interest in the world because they offered products whose shots of comparable quality with recordings of extremely expensive professional and field cameras.
Since its inception, they have emerged as innovators and produce high-quality products that offer a professional level of quality required for film and TV production, but for a much lower price than comparisons with market leaders at the time.

Such approach still exists today. Each of their products or takes a niche that no other manufacturer has covered before or is of the same quality and at the same time much cheaper than competitive products.
Almost there are no TVs or productions in the world that have at least one BMD product in their work system.

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