About us

Company Profile

O2 is a company founded in September 2010 by a group of “IT veterans” after almost 15 years of cooperation on IT integration projects. Today, O2 employs 9 people, with a total of over 120 engineering years of experience in the field of system integration. Our earnings in the last quarter in 2010. was higher than $ 1 million.

Our activities can be divided into two main groups: distribution and project (system) integration.

Within these two market approaches we bring the world famous products to the local market:

  • AIRTAME WiFi HDMI Transport
  • ARUBA NETWORKS products for the wired and wireless connectivity of your business
  • BLACK MAGIC DESIGN digital video controllers
  • BOSTON solutions for high performance computing
  • ClassX graphics solutions for broadcasting
  • ESET antivirus and other security software solutions
  • ETERE software product automation (video playout, broadcasting, archiving)
  • FAB products for subtitling and teletext applications
  • FIBRAIN products for structured cabling (UTP / FO)
  • HEWLETT-PACKARD computer products and solutions (as Silver Partner)
  • HEWLETT PACKARD ENTERPRISE servers, data storage (as Silver Partner)
  • LENOVO computer products
  • SOPHOS Firewalls, antivirus and other security solutions


Within our portfolio of skills, we would like to highlight some “Croatian firsts”:

  • the first thin client implementation, April 1997, using Win NT 3.51, Citrix WinFrame and Wyse WinTerm
  • the first Gigabit Ethernet implementation, November 1997, using the MRV GigaSwitch platform (six months before the adoption of the world standard)
  • the first long-distance LAN port on single mode  fiber, May 1998, using the NBase FiberDriver to connect the cities of Pula and Pazin (57 kilometers)
  • the first ‘complete communication’ implementation, using basic network infrastructures (UTP, FO) for LAN, voice, audio, video and industrial communication (Canbus, RS-485), in the summer of 2000.
  • the first Free Space Optics, January 2001, MRV TereScope lasers, 155 Mbit, more than 1400 meters
  • the first complete FibreChannel SAN implementation, April 2002, using Raidtec FiberArray and Acer Altos servers
  • the first L4 LAN implementation, January 2003, using the MRV OptiSwitch Z platform (L3 / L4 routing)
  • first multi-cluster cluster solution – FiberChannel SAN implementation on 4 Win2003 servers, October 2004, using Raidtec FiberArray, Acer Altos Servers and Microsoft
    SW: Win2003, Exchange Enterprise, SharePoint Portal Server, SQL Servers (3);
  • first GRID solution in Croatia, since 2002, using Acer Altos servers, extended in 2004. by implementing the Infiniband switch
  • the first “digital workflow in TV broadcasts”, the SDI solution (tapeless) for NewTV, using SeaChange and Etere products, in 2003, extended to the clustered system in 2005.
  • the first “digital workflow in TV production” for New TV, using Telestream, Apple and LiveCut solution, in 2009.


O2 has knowledge in several areas of IT:

  • Microsoft Cluster implementation, including intelligent and non-intelligent storage solutions (with Adaptec, ICP Vortex, JMR, DDN, Infortrend and Raidtec products)
  • Microsoft Enterprise Solutions: Clustered Exchange and SQL Implementation
  • Linux servers (since 1999, started with Cobalt Networks distribution)
  • Linux Cluster Implementation
  • Linux Grid implementation with InfiniBand base
  • Security: firewall, intrusion detection system, multisession environments
  • Networking: projects, implementation and consulting – since 1995, more than 70,000 installed connections, main projects and execution
  • Video solutions: digital playout, editing, archiving – since 2003, 3 national televisions
  • Project management – management, monitoring and implementation of various projects (ISP roll-outs, data centres, TV projects, publishing / graphic preparation solutions, government projects and roll-outs)
  • Support – we currently have a number of “outsourcing” support contracts, supporting a variety of IT structures (manufacturing, publishing, government institutions, TV networks, university infrastructure) in the area of ​​software and server support, networking, data centre support, and three contracts with ‘ platinum “24×7 obligations
  • Possibility to maintain corporate and small users, locally or in multiple locations
  • We are guided by the principle, the perfect measure, whereby we advise users to optimally use time and money
  • We monitor the growth of our customers (locally, regionally, nationally)
  • Smaller, faster, cheaper – our motto against the competition