The program house was founded in Tolentino (central Italy) in 1987. The first product was a software solution for automated radio broadcasting. With the development of the company, they move to TV market and the automated broadcasting of TV programs and media management systems, archiving of video material. Etere’s solutions provide the ability to manage all available / well-known audio / video devices (SeaChange, K2, Omneon …).

Etere offers complete solutions for automating broadcasting, downloading, converting, and archiving visual content, based on the Microsoft SQL database server.

System Modules:

  • Automation: playout control system, play list change …
  • Scheduling: Import / Export play list, edit the same.
  • Traffic: Post play log export. Adapted to all ERP systems
  • MAM / HSM: Media Asset Management Storage System and Video Content Management Compliant with Business Process Requirements – Workflow based system customizable to all user requirements, SNMP monitoring, alarms ….

Excerpt from the references:

  • RAI Rome (23 TV Channels)
  • Mediaset Milan (10 TV Channels)
  • ABS / CBN Manila (19 TV Channels)
  • TVSN Sydney (4 TV channels + archive)
  • NovaTV Zagreb (5 TV channels + archive)
  • TV Plus Jastrebarsko (1 TV Channel + Archive)
  • M1 Film Zagreb (5 TV channels + archive)
  • OBN Sarajevo (1 TV Channel + Archive)

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