About us

Company O2 was founded in September 2010 by the group of “IT veterans” after almost 15 years of cooperation on IT project integrations. Today O2 has staff of nine people with more than 120 engineer years of experience in the field of system integration. Our revenue in the last quarter of 2010 was over 1 million USD.



Our extensive and long-standing experience, numerous successfully completed projects as well as countless executed infrastructure networks and hundreds of satisfied investors and users make us an ideal consulting partner.


Acceptable maintenance contracts, providing the user with helpdesk service and up to 24 hours of service, want to ensure maximum safety with minimal costs. The maintenance type and regime, the level of criticality, parameters and procedures of customer cooperation in the maintenance tasks are defined by the Maintenance Agreement and the relevant documentation.

System Integration

Over 20 years of work on projects and pioneering implementation of many of the first modern technologies.

Structured Cabling

Long experience and over 25,000 built-in connection points, adequate training and constant renewal of the required knowledge, access to state-of-the-art technical solutions and the possession of the required certificates guarantee your satisfaction.