FIBRAIN – Fiber optics solution is a company founded in 1993 from ELMAT Poland group, as a separate optical fiber optic company. Fibrain’s production program covers all aspects
the application of optical and copper solutions with continuous renewal, product development, and the introduction of new products that require this rapidly growing market.

Some of the more important product groups are:

  • Fibrain ultra speed solution – a new generation of connectors
  • Complete offer of all types and subtypes of connectors, adapters and tools
  • Fibrain communication cabinets and switch panels in 19 “and 10” form
  • Fibrain Outdoor optic couplers for up to 288 threads
  • Fibrain MetroJET – a complete solution for the spraying system and microcomputer
  • Opto Fibrain Cabling System – 10Gb connectivity
  • Complete conversion range including WDM, CWDM etc.
  • FTTH – Fiber to the Home Solutions
  • Complete range of high-volume military equipment
  • POF plastic fiber solutions
  • CCTV converters with Audio, Video and Data Ports

Constantly expanding the range of products from each of the individual groups, and the 25-year warranty for Certified Installers unites the severity of coverage with very satisfactory
relationship between price and quality. Nowadays, when the market is overwhelmed with cheap Chinese products of low quality and reliability, it is a great success that Fibrain products produced in Poland do not cost much more and are much better and more reliable.

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